YOYO “This coffeeshop is a little different. The huge shop windows call it a gallery, and inside you’ll find a bright and airy space with paintings and objects all over the walls and on the floor. The exhibition changes every two months … [More tells you our book. If you are not able to [...]

Jolly Joker


Jolly Joker The name comes from the top floor’s former use as an illegal gambling den. The dark and smoky atmosphere of the past is all but forgotten … [read all the weird stories about coffeeshops in our book. You can buy it right here if you want. If you don’t want, you can [...]



Dampkring Dampkring is famous for hosting a (quite funny) scene from the movie Ocean’s 12, with Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and George Clooney – a quite proper place, regarding the retro design of the location as the film itself … [more stories in our book, if you want you can read them. We have [...]

Bulldog Leidseplein


Bulldog Leidseplein The Bulldog Palace on Leidseplein is probably the best known coffeeshop in Amsterdam, with a winning combination of bar, disco, souvenir shop and coffeeshop. The former Amsterdam police headquarters was bought in 1985 by Henk de Vries, and was, so legend tells it, a place where he was once held under arrest [...]



Greenhouse The modest entrance does not prepare you for the experience on the other side of the door. First up, you’ll notice that you’re standing on a giant fish tank set into the ground. Giant Koi fish swimming directly under your feet provides plenty of magic for the truly stoned. Tearing your eyes away [...]

Kashmir Lounge


Kashmir Lounge Kashmir is a colourful and astonishingly busy place in the west of Amsterdam. It is famous for its comfortable seating, Indian décor and special activities. With the amendment of the Dutch law, the coffeeshop had to be separated from the ‘Lounge’ and moved to the opposite side of the street … [read [...]



Paradox Paradox is one of the most easygoing coffeeshops around. Situated in a quiet side street, it’s the perfect place to go local … [to get an idea of coffeeshops beyond the centre and the beaten tracks – read our book. You find it in libraries (section Coffeeshop Guides. A for Amsterdam) or order [...]

Super Skunk


Super Skunk A big, open space with high ceilings and light streaming in from the scenic Prinsengracht through the large entrance doors. The doors are kept wide open in summer and you can sit out on the terrace … [more text in our book. Get the right coffeeshop in Amsterdam for you – check [...]

Prix d’Ami


PRIX d'ami Prix d’Ami is one of the biggest coffeeshops in Amsterdam. It has three floors, several smoking rooms, and even a restaurant with table service … [You want to know more and you want to read a book. Read the Coffeeshop Guide Amsterdam – it is a book. Order it here or download [...]



Abraxas This colourful coffeeshop provides the careful observer with some quirky details. Glass and carved wood dominates the shop, colourful upholstering, seats in all shapes and sizes, small delicate benches, tables with candles – the coffeeshop is designed with great attention to detail … [there is a reason why we like this coffeeshop – [...]